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Careful attention is paid to the provided information being accurate, up to date, comprehensible, and available at any time.

Though this needs to be confined as follows:

1. Contents of other providers

The direct and indirect references and links to contents of third parties’ internet pages included in these pages (“foreign content”) were developed to the best of our knowledge and with the utmost accuracy. They only provide access to “foreign contents”. Special attention was paid to the reliability of third providers and the accuracy and legality of the “foreign contents”.

However, as the content of internet pages is dynamic and can change any time, it is not always possible to continuously examine each single content data file of a page a link is provided for. Neither is this reasonable without concrete indications of infringements.  The publisher does not have any influence on the current and future design and the contents of the linked pages.  In this respect, the publisher does expressly not adopt as his own the content of third parties’ internet pages that are linked with his own internet pages.  The publisher expressly dissociates himself from all contents that are possibly relevant with respect to criminal law or liability law or that infringe public policy. In case of indications of infringements, the contents of the linked pages shall be examined immediately. In case of knowledge of infringements, such external links shall be deleted immediately. Solely the provider of the page referred to is liable for damage resulting from the usage or non-usage of “foreign contents.

2. Own contents

As far as the contents provided on these pages contain legal provisions, official notices, recommendations, or other information, these have been developed to the best of our knowledge and with the utmost accuracy. In case of discrepancies, however, solely the current official version shall apply as published in the official publication medium. Possible legal references, recommendations, and other information are non-committal, legal advice is not provided.

The following limitation of liability shall apply to the provided offer of information:

These pages are accessed and used at the user’s own risk. The publisher assumes no liability for the provided information being accurate, complete, up to date, comprehensible, and available at any time. Contributions marked by name express the author’s opinion and do not always express the publisher’s opinion.  If it is legally allowed, the publisher is not liable for material or ideal damage resulting from the usage or non-usage of offered information or, respectively, from the usage of faulty, incomplete, not up-to-date, and/or incomprehensible information. The publisher reserves his right to change, supplement, delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice or to temporarily or finally stop the publication. No contractual relationship between the publisher and the user shall be concluded with the pure usage of these pages. If it is legally allowed, the publisher is not liable for possible damage caused by the accessed or downloaded data through computer viruses or the installation or usage of software.

3. Copyright

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The contents published on these pages shall be subject to German Copyright and Ancillary Copyright Law. The brand labels and trademarks possibly protected by third parties shall be subject to the provisions of the effective trademark law and the rights of ownership of the registered owner. Just because trademarks have been mentioned one cannot draw the conclusion that these trademarks are not protected by third parties’ rights.

If not stated otherwise, the copyright for texts, pictures, charts, and other contents shall be with the publisher.

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4. Legal effectiveness of this disclaimer

Should parts or single formulations of this text not, no more, or not entirely correspond with the applicable legal situation, the content and validity of the remaining parts of this document shall be unaffected.